Weather Mayan Riviera

For a full weather Mayan Riviera forcast, click on the Weather Network logo above. Forcasts are for the weather in Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas and Cozumel

So when's the best time of year to go?

The most popular times to visit are during the spring and summer. In the fall, the risk is higher for hurricanes and more rainfall. But,this is balanced by less crowds and a more peaceful experience.

With an average temperature of 25c/77f degree Farenheit all year round the Playa del Carmen weather is almost perfect except for maybe in the summer when temperatures can reach as high as 35c/95f degrees Farenheit. Now that's hot!!!

Use this guide to give you a better idea of approximate temperature and rainfall values.

Monthly Average High Temperature In Farenheit And Average Monthly Rainfall In Inches:


Mid 60’s to 81F

2 to 3 inches


High 60’s to 82F

3 to 4 inches


Early 70’s to 84F

Up to 1 inch


Mid 70’s to 85F

1 to 2 inches


Late 70’s to 88F

3 to 4 inches


Late 70’s to 89F

7 to 8 inches


Late70’s to 90F

5 to 6 inches


Late 70’s to 90F

5 to 6


Mid 70’s to 89

8 to 9 inches


Mid 70’s to 87F

10 to 11 inches


Early 70’s to 84F

6 to 7 inches


Late 60’s to 82F

5 to 6 inches

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